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5-Steps To Overcoming High Achiever Burnout For Good!

Feb 23, 2023

Burnout, for those of you that have ever experienced it is: Real, dark, debilitating at times, and exhausting. It is not something any ambitious, high achiever ever wants to experience. In fact, if you've experienced it and you're one of those Type A, driven type personalities, you've more than likely spent your entire life busily trying to avoid burnout.

That's when it happens, the addiction to the chronic stress cycle!

Getting a high from achieving the unconquerable task, getting that promotion that no one ever thought you'd get, and proving that you do things that even Superman or Superwoman couldn't do become part of your self-identity, it runs deep in your subconscious behavior.

I used to be that person too, a high achiever in corporate sales winning many awards in my career, never feeling completely satisfied so what did I do? I'd find another challenge, and another, add a couple of kids and this job motherhood in there too and I just kept pushing to achieve. Nothing was going to stop me, NOTHING.... until it did.

Early March 2020 (a few weeks before the pandemic), I could barely get up in the morning, much less formulate a complete thought. My body was sending up a big alert to start paying attention to my needs and get out of the ego-boosting achievement energy. So many years of "trying to be good enough" caught up with me. I want to share with you the 5 Steps To Overcoming Burnout that I mastered to break through this very humbling time in my life. 

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What about having dinner with your spouse without constantly checking your cell phone for the latest message from your boss or reports?

Freedom from burnout is achievable! Please DM me to schedule a Stress Less Achieve More call today. Life is too short for us to give our power away to anxiety and overwhelm! Download the full working parent guide and other helpful anxiety reduction resources on my website here.

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