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Powerful Main Stage Keynotes and Transformative Deep Dives for Small Groups

Amy shares how the cycle of chronic stress leading to burnout can be eliminated to increase productivity, and performance without sacrificing health, income, or relationships. 
Meet Amy, a trailblazer known for her unapologetically bold approach, empowering insights, and soul-inspiring journey. With a proven track record of breaking free from the chronic stress cycle that leads to burnout, Amy brings a powerful message of transformation to your audience.
Through personal anecdotes, impactful inspiration, and actionable exercises rooted in behavior modification, Amy's captivating presence will engage and resonate with your audience. She'll not only capture their attention but also motivate them to take meaningful and measurable steps toward change.
As a dynamic keynote speaker, Amy is a seamless fit for various events. Whether it's a leadership development summit, a mental well-being or sales conference, a women's or parent-focused Employee Resource Group (ERG) gathering, or a transformational event, Amy's message transcends boundaries and empowers individuals to reclaim their lives.
Get ready to ignite transformation within your audience. Invite Amy as your keynote speaker and embark on a journey toward increased productivity, enhanced performance, and lasting well-being—without sacrificing health, income, or relationships. 

Amy's Worked With These Reputable Companies:

Keynote Examples:

Resilient Growth:

Navigating Uncertainty and Change With Ease

Empowering your audience to overcome challenges and adapt to change without succumbing to burnout. 

Key Takeaways:
  • Discover how to cultivate a mindset that not only endures uncertainty but thrives amidst it. 
  • Empower yourself and your team to face challenges head-on, making resilience a cornerstone for sustainable success.
  • You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with actionable insights to apply the 7 C's of Resilience in your personal and professional life.

Women Empowerment: 

Advance Your Career With Confidence, Consistency, and Connection

Individuals will learn how to leverage the superpowers of confidence, consistency, and connection to create a more balanced and peace-filled experience of success.

Key Takeaways:

● Discover practical techniques to overcome self-doubt, and embrace the mindset of a confident female leader.
● Explore the art of consistency and discover how small, intentional actions lead to substantial results.

● Develop a deeper connection with self-belief and communication with others to shift from individual contributor to influencer.


Unlocking Peak Performance: 

The 4 Shifts To Eliminating The Cycle of Chronic Stress Leading To Burnout

Individuals learn high-performance tips to eliminate chronic stress that can lead to burnout during major life events and transitions such as hybrid work.

Key Takeaways:

● 4 shifts to eliminating the chronic stress cycle that leads to burnout.
● Learn how to be more productive in less time without stressing your body.
● Eliminate the pattern of chronic stress that is leading you to feel cynical, exhausted, and burned out once and for all to improve your performance, well-being, and relationships.


Working Parents & Caregivers:

Return To Work After A Big Life Event With Confidence & Ease 

Leaders and employees can learn critical communication skills to empower a smooth transition to and from an extended leave such as caregiver or parental leave.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to communicate your vision and extended leave desires effectively to your leader.
  • Leaders, learn how to lead supportive and empathetic communication with your employees who may be going out on parental leave or returning to work after a caregiving break.
  • Reduce attrition and empower high performance by implementing a collaborative Return To Work program.

In Demand Presentations

More than a talk on mindset and leadership development, Amy delivers a total event experience that drives audiences to action both for the success of their business and for themselves. 

Need to go a little deeper?

 Deeper-dive topics include Executive Resilience, Success Over Sacrifice, The Happy & Productive Employee  

Every program is tailored to the audience, and no two audiences or events are alike:
  • Women Leadership Events
  • Executive Retreats
  • Women, Mental Health & Family ERG Events
  • Sales Team Kick-Offs
  • Convention Keynotes
  • Association Conferences
  • Association Member Education

Value + Delivery = Your Partner for Event Success

Amy will conduct stakeholder interviews, surveys and research to customize her content for your goals. And she’ll help promote your event with videos, social media, newsletter articles and more. 

On stage, Amy will engage your audience with meaningful interactive exercises. 

And when she’s done, she provides resources for those who want more.

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