Hello, I'm Amy Looper

I'm a wife, mother of two and have spent the past two decades in technology & SAAS sales leadership.  Healing from postpartum depression, anxiety was one of the greatest gifts of my life.  

I do not believe that life is by accident.  I believe that every interaction and experience we have is fully by God's great design of our hearts and the universe.  We have the ability to use these experiences to better our lives if we take the time to complete the transformational work that helps to open our mind in our incredibly fast paced world.

Before having children I thought I was ok with managing stress and emotions. When trauma struck my family alongside my own birthing trauma I was quickly challenged to manage a multitude of emotions each minute.  

I know that you may be feeling overwhelmed right now and that is ok to not be that "picture perfect" Mom.  Reality is that "picture perfect" rarely exists. It is my goal and purpose to help you put effective action steps in place to heal from trauma, find the peace and calmness that you are so desperately looking for.  

As a business leader, I also understand the importance of the modern working mom's career.  We will work on your vision as a mother and put a plan together that will help you grow your family and career in harmony.

Love & Light, 

Amy Leigh Looper

Learn About My Breakthrough Journey & The Myths of Motherhood I Discovered Along The Way!

I invite you to pour a cup and laugh with me for a few minutes as I recap some of my experiences entering motherhood at a peak in my career to landing in the hospital at 19 weeks pregnant alone on a business trip, followed by bed rest for the remainder of my first pregnancy managing my first sales team. 

This book does not contain medical advice nor does it substitute recommendations made by your physician.
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