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Hello, I'm Amy Looper

I'm a wife and a mother of two wonderful daughters. Over the last two decades, I've dedicated my career to technology and SAAS sales leadership. Healing from extreme burnout, years of postpartum depression, and anxiety was a transformative experience for me. Now, I'm on a mission to guide others toward their next level of performance and well-being through the power of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence.

My journey has been an evolution. Before becoming a mother, I embodied the high-achiever persona. I constantly pushed to excel, achieving #1 sales leader status multiple times, earning substantial commission checks, winning a BMW from my employer, Vista Equity, and exploring the world on President Club trips. I also progressed into sales leadership. Can you relate to the life of a high performer?

Yet, the demanding lifestyle of a high-achiever can take a toll, leading to chronic stress and eventual burnout. When you add the responsibilities of parenting to your already ambitious drive for self-improvement, life can quickly become overwhelming.

The key to achieving balance without making sacrifices while you progress in your career and nurture a thriving family lies in:

  1. Daily Energy Management
  2. Mindset and Leadership Behaviors

My personal journey involved significant job loss, health breakdown, and strained relationships. These experiences made me realize that I was inadvertently hindering my own happiness and success. I had to learn how to process emotions daily, releasing stored stress and trauma that were holding me back. It's a skill many of us aren't taught as children, but we now have the chance to redefine motherhood leadership.

You can lead a healthy life, foster meaningful connections, and make a significant impact in your career without compromising your well-being.

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With Love & Light,

Amy Leigh Looper


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Learn About My Burnout Breakthrough Journey & The Myths of Motherhood I Discovered Along The Way!

Amy Looper, former cybersecurity sales leader turned Leadership & Motherhood Performance Coach shares her journey through the darkness of postpartum depression, birthing trauma to a life full of freedom, joy, and connection.

You will learn how to navigate the unexpected waters of parenthood, the motherhood identity crisis and how to lead through difficult times through emotional intelligence and leadership. 

The exercises in this book will help you, the high-achiever, create a life that is truly written in your heart from God without sacrificing your health, your desired career, or wellbeing. You are a leading mother!


This book does not contain medical advice nor does it substitute recommendations made by your physician.