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Conquer the chaos  and go from stressed, burned out, and conflicted to purposeful, joyful, and confident in 12 weeks or less. This program is for any ambitious woman that wants to enjoy success without sacrificing your personal life and health.


Watch some of our graduates share their life changing transformations:

Introducing the 7-Step Resilient Growth Method:

This method helps women step out of the chaos of chronic stress and into peace, connection, and confidence.  You no longer have to sacrifice your personal life and well-being for "success".


Step 1:  Clarify Your Vision & What You Really Want.   You will walk away confidently knowing what you want in your career, life and relationships.

Step 2: Strengthen Confidence.  Reclaim your worth, and build self-confidence as your anchor to building a successful and fulfilling life.

Step 3:  Eliminate The Chronic Stress Cycle.  Unleash your potential by breaking free from the cycle of chronic stress, effectively managing stress.

Step 4:  Master Communication Skills. Learn how to communicate with yourself and others effectively to create more peace and understanding in your life.

Step 5:  Optimize Energy For High-Performance. Discover how stress impacts the mind, body, and soul.  Learn how to regulate your nervous system during stressful situations and operate in high-performance flow.

Step 6:  Master Boundary Setting: Learn how to communicate your needs and desires in a loving way to protect your energy and focus on what matters most to you. Eliminate feeling the need to make everyone else happy at the expense of your health and happiness.

Step 7:  Ignite Your Influence For Impact: Ignite your soul, and utilize leadership skills to create meaningful change.


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More Happy Clients:

Angela K.

"Amy Looper has been an inspiration in helping me really figure out my next phase in life on my 50+ ahead journey.

I’m passionate about health and wellness and was struggling to figure out my next corporate job when things changed for me in mid-year 2023. 

I’m now confident in understanding what roles I want and who I want to connect with, and I look forward to helping connect the dots with a new organization that can lead me and others into the next generation of preventive care. 

Not only, did Amy help me figure out this path but most importantly she helped me connect again with God and my faith and put that priority number one in my life. My purpose on this earth is to share my voice of health/wellness as well as inspire others to care about their health. 

Amy is a wonderful leader and inspiration. The work she helps you achieve is 110% worth every penny of the investment.

Amy M.

"Amy helped me define my value proposition, market position and empowered me to charge my worth.  I'm now on track to exceed last year's revenue by the first half of 2022!"

Kendi K.

"Coaching with Amy helped me realize that I don't need to receive third-party validation.  I recommend Amy as a coach for new working moms as a way to work through the challenges that come with this new chapter and to gain clarity on what matters most."