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The 5 Inside Secrets High Achieving Working Mothers Use To Overcome Burnout & Chronic Stress Without Sacrificing Their Performance.


  • The step-by-step process any high-achieving working mom can use to escape burnout & chronic stress... without interrupting their performance, their success, or scaling back at work.
  • Why avoiding, hoping it will get better, and walking around exhausted, foggy, and overwhelmed is NOT an effective strategy to escape burnout; AND how my clients reclaim their vitality, energy, and focus in as little as 6 weeks
  • AND… how to do all of this while growing deeper connections with your loved ones, and making more time to spend with your family.
  • The secret our clients use to quickly advance their careers, and rebuild broken relationships headed for divorce to create the ultimate work-life balance for working mothers... even if that feels impossible right now.
  • AND…. How our clients overcome burnout while continuing to land promotions, without sacrificing their personal life, health, and relationships.


Amy M.

"Amy helped me define my value proposition, market position and empowered me to charge my worth.  I'm now on track to exceed last year's revenue by the first half of 2022!"

Kendi K.

"Coaching with Amy helped me realize that I don't need to receive third-party validation.  I recommend Amy as a coach for new working moms as a way to work through the challenges that come with this new chapter and to gain clarity on what matters most."

Tawny H.

"Amy is a diligent and enthusiastic leader. She helped me find ways to maximize my success, but also was a dedicated mentor with her extensive knowledge in solution selling and tech industries. She is compassionate, a pleasure to work with, and possess superb leadership skills."

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Living a life free from anxiety while juggling all the requirements of motherhood is achievable. For my ambitious, goal-oriented working mothers out there, this session is for you to breakthrough the overwhelm and chronic stress that has you weighed down, feeling exhausted, and at the point of burnout.

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The Leading Motherhood Approach

Motherhood is the biggest transformation you will go through as a woman.  Adjusting to it isn't as easy as they make it look on t.v. Sometimes we feel like we lost our identity a little bit.

If you're not feeling yourself, you're not alone.  If you experienced career burnout, identity crisis, birthing trauma, depression, anxiety, or a broken marriage, you need to prioritize healing and recovery.  In my coaching process I help you: 

Lead With Confidence

Empower Your Greatness

Achieve Career Balance In Motherhood

Don't Settle, Dream Big

What can you expect from coaching with Amy Looper?

Amy leads all communication with the highest priority on privacy and confidentiality.  Your mental well-being is the cornerstone of healthy marital and family relationships.  Amy's coaching programs are designed to help you break through cycles of depression and anxiety and go from surviving to thriving.

A strong mama can lead her family to unimaginable success!  Not quite ready for a call with Amy but want access to weekly lives and meet other supportive achievement-oriented, working mamas?  

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