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At the heart of well-being and high performance is:
Resilience, the mental and emotional superpower to navigate uncertainty, and challenging situations and manage stress.

Use our 3-Step Resilient Growth Methodology to grow resilient, high performers on your sales team!

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About The Founder & CEO

Meet Amy Looper, an accomplished 4x President's Club award winning healthcare SAAS and cybersecurity sales leader turned entrepreneur in early 2020. 

Amy's remarkable story of resilience includes her triumph over postpartum depression and c-PTSD after several traumatic events while advancing her sales career and growing her family. 

In early 2020, Amy experienced deep burnout and put herself on a path to not only heal but learn the power of transformational leadership, emotional intelligence and nervous system regulation to help other high performers ignite their greatest potential without suffering burnout.

Amy partners with corporate leaders as a personal development breakthrough coach, keynote speaker and consultant for sales teams.

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