eliminate burnout as a working mother

You Can Thrive As A Successful Woman In A High Pressured Career Without Sacrificing Your Health, Relationships, or Income 

Go from stressed, burned out, and conflicted to purposeful, joyful, and confident 

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Are you tired of the constant juggling act between your demanding career and family responsibilities? You're not alone!

Chronic stress might seem like an inevitable part of this journey, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine a life where you're not just achieving but thriving. You have the power to transcend the cycle of stress and unlock your soul's purpose. It's time to reclaim your vitality and joy.

Join our complimentary masterclass where you'll uncover the path from exhaustion to re-energization, all before the day is over.

Learn how to reconnect with your family, find the energy to play with your kids, and strengthen your relationship with your spouse or partner.

Don't let overwhelm and burnout define your high-performing life. In just a short time, you'll learn 4 transformative shifts that can help you eliminate stress, overcome overwhelm, and truly attain balance. Take the leap towards a life filled with purpose, vitality, and genuine connection.

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access this free training to learn 4 shift to end burnout and overwhelm to create success over sacrifice

Amy Has Worked With These Individuals & Companies

Amy M.

"Amy helped me define my value proposition, and market position and empowered me to charge my worth as a founder.  I'm now on track to exceed last year's revenue by the first half of 2022!"

Kendi K.

"Coaching with Amy helped me realize that I don't need to receive third-party validation.  I recommend Amy as a coach for new working moms as a way to work through the challenges that come with this new chapter and to gain clarity on what matters most."

Tawny H.

"Amy is a diligent and enthusiastic leader. She helped me find ways to maximize my success, but also was a dedicated mentor with her extensive knowledge in solution selling and tech industries. She is compassionate, a pleasure to work with, and possess superb leadership skills."


"After hearing Amy's story about overcoming postpartum depression, I knew I needed to talk with her after having my second baby. Within 30 minutes I felt like she understood exactly what I was going through and how to help get my life back after feeling so hopeless. I wish I had her when i started having kids 3 years ago."  
-Jill B, Software Sales Leader

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