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Set your vision and find your identity as the Mom you were destined to be. 

Break through feelings of rage, irritability, sadness, worry, unworthiness that postpartum depression and anxiety can present. 

Lead your family and career like a mother!

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You Can Overcome The Darkness


As a 2x survivor of postpartum depression, I understand the pain you're in.  You love your children, would do anything for them but for whatever reason, you feel stuck, perhaps unappreciated and burned out.  Anxiety, loneliness, sadness, anger, unimaginable thoughts are daily obstacles you contend with. 

The trauma you are experiencing in your life is real but it doesn't have to be permanent.  

Healing is possible! Living your life free from anxiety, pain, and sadness is within the realm of possibilities.  I know because I've lived through:
  • Postpartum depression (PPD) after months of bed rest to care for a high-risk pregnancy and c-section.
  • Tried to prevent another episode of postpartum depression post c-section by planning for a vaginal birth (VBAC) with my second daughter. 
  • Epidural failed and forceps had to be used which caused life-altering physical trauma.  Suffered post-birth PTSD for several years.

These experiences left me feeling like a failure, fearful and trapped.  

A family tragedy occurred between both PPD instances which required me to continue to stuff my own emotions to support my family, neglecting my own healing and recovery.  Years later, it caught up with me.  A broken marriage, job loss, and low self-worth.

Don't suffer in silence as I did.

Now is the time for you! 


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"The Myths Of Motherhood: A Working Mothers Journey To Break Through Postpartum Depression" 


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Our Approach

Motherhood is the biggest transformation you will go through as a woman.  Adjusting to it isn't as easy as they make it look like on t.v. Sometimes we feel like we lost our identity a little bit.

If you're not feeling yourself, you're not alone.  If you experienced birth trauma or have postpartum depression or anxiety you need to prioritize healing and recovery.  In my coaching process I help you: 

Free Yourself From Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Reconnect With Your Heart's Vision

Lead Like A Mother

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What can you expect from coaching with Amy Looper?

Amy leads all communication with the highest priority on privacy and confidentiality.  Your mental health is the cornerstone of healthy marital and family relationships.  Amy's coaching programs are designed to help you breakthrough cycles of depression and anxiety and go from surviving to thriving.


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You, modern mother, are made for greatness!


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