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How To Set Boundaries As A Working Mom

Feb 23, 2023

Have you ever found yourself utterly drained by the end of the day, with a never-ending to-do list still looming over you? Does it feel like you're constantly juggling the demands of work and family, always at the beck and call of others?

"Oh, Mom..."

Those two little words can make you cringe, as you're tired of always being the go-to person for everyone's needs.

It's undeniably exhausting, right?

Well, here's the truth: for high-achieving working moms, this can be a perilous issue. If you can't find a way to stop stretching yourself thin to please everyone, burnout is inevitable.

If you don't communicate your own needs clearly, others will naturally assume you're always available.

If you suffer from the fear of missing out (FOMO) and try to be present at every work event, and school function, and be the go-to parent, you're on the fast track to burnout. After all, you can't be everywhere, all the time.

The key to mastering the game of being a working mom lies in your leadership skills, specifically your ability to set boundaries!

Now, picture this: What if you were true to yourself and knew exactly the kind of life experience you want? What if you believed that you deserved to have your needs met, just like anyone else?

Wouldn't that make it easier to communicate your needs to others?

Wouldn't your spouse, kids, boss, colleagues, and friends understand you better?

Wouldn't you show up with more confidence, free from the distractions that hinder your daily accomplishments?

If you're struggling with setting boundaries, don't hesitate to schedule a breakthrough call with me. Book here.

Here are the top tips on setting boundaries that we discussed during our recent Mama Monday Mothers In Sales meet-up:

  1. Grant Yourself Permission: Allow yourself to have your own needs met, and let go of any guilt that may arise when you establish a boundary.

  2. Lead with Your Vision: Start by envisioning what you want your life experience to look like.

  3. Prioritize Your Values: Base your boundaries on your personal values to maintain your integrity.

  4. Assertiveness and Compassion: Communicate your boundaries assertively and compassionately.

  5. Consistency Is Key: Stick to your boundaries and enforce them consistently. Demonstrating congruency shows your commitment.

If you want more insights on creating boundaries as a working parent both at work and at home, you can watch the full Mama Monday replay

Watch the full Mama Monday replay here where we talk about how to create boundaries as a working parent at work and at home:

For additional tips on how you can elevate your experience of working parenthood or support your corporate employees, please visit to learn about the Building Company Culture program for your organization or Leading Motherhood performance coaching.

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