Corporate & Individual Programs Offered

Your company culture impacts the scalability & growth of your company!


Did you know that over 90% of working parents are burned out?  Over 60% of parents are reporting looking for a new employer.  High attrition rates are costly and greatly impact the scalability of your company. Depression and other mental health issues can silently pull from your profits due to a lack of employee performance and productivity.  Our program helps you build a company culture that thrives, not just survives.  

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Coaching for High-Achieving Working Mothers To Eliminate Chronic & Overwhelm.  

Life happens for us and not to us!  Yet, there are challenges in our lives that can cause major disconnection in our lives.

As a transformational leadership coach, Amy Looper helps bring the greatness out of each one of her clients. When working with Amy you will find clarity in your career or business, create deeper connections with loved ones such as your spouse, and find the balance as a working parent that you've been looking for.  You can have it all without the sacrifice of your career, your health or relationships.

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Relativity Sells: Fractional Sales Advisory & Sales Enablement For Startups

As a fractional sales leader, I coach founders and sales team how to create deeper connections with their clients that result higher lifetime value, longer partnerships, repeatable, predictable revenue and so much more.  Learn about my 6-week Founder-Led Sales Accelerator designed for founders ready to scale up to their first sales team or sales enablement services for your team.

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