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Fostering an Inclusive, High-Performance Culture that Empowers Working Parents and Caregivers to Attract and Retain Top Talent

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Caring Connections: HR Strategies for Supporting Employees with Mental Health, Including Postpartum Depression.

The Secret To Reducing Working Parent Attrition Is Beyond Parental Leave

90% of working parents are reporting burnout and 44% are reporting looking for a new employer, there is no doubt that we need to solve the costly business and social problem of working parent turnover. Learn how to support working parents beyond parental leave. Watch here.

Learn What Expectant Parents Are Looking For From Their Employer!

Post-maternity leaves attrition rates have increased from 40% to 45% since the pandemic.  You can prevent costly turnover in your organization by understanding what expectant parents are looking for. 

Watch here.

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About The Founder & CEO

Meet Amy Looper, an accomplished tech sales executive who has transitioned her career into a consultant and high-performance coach. As a mother of two, she's familiar with the challenges of balancing professional success with personal well-being. Based in the vibrant Greater Phoenix, AZ area, Amy brings her unique journey and insights to empower individuals and organizations.

Amy's remarkable story includes her triumph over postpartum depression, not once but twice, while simultaneously building and leading successful sales teams. This profound personal experience ignited her passion for transformational leadership coaching and workplace culture consulting. Through her coaching, Amy helps leaders unlock their full potential and create thriving environments that foster both employee well-being and organizational growth.

Connect with Amy on LinkedIn to learn more about her journey and the impactful work she does. If you're ready to embark on a transformational journey of your own, you can schedule a discovery call using the link below:

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