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Shift Tension & Anxiety Within Seconds Using Your Breath

Learn breathwork techniques to lower anxiety during trigger moments taught by breathwork expert, Abby Hildebrand.

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Anxiety Relief:  10-Min Guided Meditation

Find a quiet area, free from distractions and give yourself the gift of reconnecting your mind and body.  In this meditation, we take you to the beach where you can relax, clear any anxiety that may be present, and recharge to create impactful memories with your family.

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We are not affiliated with Low Blue Lights but enjoy sharing them as a resource to new parents.  Perinatal mood disorders can cause sleep interferences which can even further delay recovery.  Lenses in LowBlueLights have been effective in promoting sleep.  Try wearing these for a couple of hours before you and the baby head to bed. 

Try to get 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep to reduce the risk for postpartum depression & anxiety!

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The 5-Min Journal

Writing is very therapeutic when you put pen to paper.  We encourage all of our clients to journal for 5 minutes per day. Take time to acknowledge your accomplishments for the day by noting at least 5 wins.  Notice how you feel each day, where your energy may feel it's highest, and times when you may feel irritable, tired, sad.  Did anyone or anything trigger extreme feelings (positive or negative) during your day.  Creating awareness of our feelings helps us along the journey in recovery.  We start to re-connect heart and mind, recognizing our environment and responses to it.

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The Myths of Motherhood Guide

In this guide, I share my experience of postpartum depression and anxiety after months of bed rest, a c-section, and breastfeeding issues.  Like many of you, I experienced a traumatic birthing experience that caused years of PTSD. All of these events surrounded a family suicide tragedy and requirement to keep the career going for my family.  Learn how I broke through the darkness of this difficult 7-year period, now happier than ever, avoiding divorce and growing in faith.  YOU are not alone and YOU can overcome the darkness of PPD! 

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Tips When Addressing Maternity Leave With Your Employer

Returning to work is a big transition for all Moms.  Download our Top 10 questions to ask yourself, your spouse, and employer when returning to work.  

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Boundary Setting With Your Spouse, In-laws & Beyond

Becoming a Mom requires support from your spouse, family, caregivers, and employer.  Learn how to effectively communicate how you need and want to be supported.  

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Cater To Mom will be featuring the Leading Motherhood book in 2023 in addition to other motherhood gifts and wellness items.  Check them out today!

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Recommended Podcasts

with features of blue mum days podcast & busy mom pumping podcast

Busy Mom Pumping Podcast

Lene A

A podcast for busy pumping moms who want to continue pumping when they return to their busy lives after maternity leave has ended. There is not one right way to do this but as many ways as there are busy moms pumping and this podcast is here to give you some ideas and inspiration though interviews with different moms in different forms of busy and professions.

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Vikki Stephenson

Blue MumDays is a podcast about perinatal illness, parenting and being kind to yourself. Up to 1 in 5 mums and 1 in 10 dads will suffer with their mental health after the birth of their baby.

Having once interviewed the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer during my BBC career, I’m now speaking to mums, dads and mental health experts each week, in an effort to understand my own experience of postnatal depression.

Dispelling myths, smashing stigma & bringing hope to parents having a hard time.

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Employer Resources

How To Support Expectant Mothers In The Workplace

Hosted by Amy Leigh Looper

Reduce attrition rates with working parents and create an inclusive work environment that fosters high employee performance and satisfaction.

In this 1-HR webinar you'll learn:

  • Top maternity leave planning best practices you can implement right away with your team.
  • How to foster an inclusive work environment for working parents.
  • Empower employees high performance during this major life transition.

We are elevating the experience of working parenthood for both employers and working parents through leadership development and maternal mental well-being awareness.


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Should I still meet with my physician for health guidance?

Yes, Amy Looper does not provide medical care and recommends that even as a coaching client, you should meet with your physician for medical advice.  Coaching is an effective holistic method to reduce anxiety and depression but does not replace the medical guidance you may have received from your physician.  

How Long Does Your Coaching Program Last?

Coaching packages are designed around your individual needs.  There is a minimum of 4, 1-hour sessions. In our experience, some women need to work with a third party (coach, therapist, psychologist) for just a few sessions and others for several months depending on the severity of their condition.


Are You A Trained Mental Health Professional?

Amy Looper is trained through experience living through postpartum depression & anxiety, experiencing years of PTSD after a traumatic birth.  She deeply understands how mind and body are affected by trauma and continues education through Postpartum Support International and her mentor, Dr. Shoshana Bennett.


How Is Coaching Effective for Postpartum Depression & Anxiety?

There are many options to treat perinatal mental health conditions.  Amy Looper, 2x postpartum depression survivor has experienced treatments such as EMDR, depression medication prescribed by a physician and trying to "let it pass".  These provided temporary relief but didn't solve the longterm battle with anxiety & depression. She learned that nothing helped her truly break through the darkness of anxiety and depression like talking with a third party and working on processing trauma, acknowledging emotion, recognizing self worth and stepping into a new leadership level for her life.  Yoga, meditation were also very helpful to connect heart and mind. 

When coching with Amy you can expect to be truly heard, to be encouraged to use your voice and no longer suffer in silence, to work out pent up anger, rage, worry, grief and acknowledge achievements, celebrate your life as a Mom.  Through weekly coaching sessions and private support group sessions Amy supports your individual journey out of the darkness and into a life full of happiness and light.

Imagine a world where you were present when playing with your kids, had the energy to enjoy your family and spouse/life partner.  You were free from negative thoughts and memories of a traumatic birth, free from worry about the "what if's".  

What Is Our Vision?

Amy Looper started Postpartum Coaching With Heart to help other women experiencing postpartum depression & anxiety to break free to live the purpose God created them individually for.  When mothers take time to heal, their marriages/ relationships positively shift and their children experience a happy home vs growing up with an anxious, depressed parent.  Our vision is to support your journey to Lead Like A Mother from the delivery room to the boardroom.  


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