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Leading Motherhood & Your Sales Career To Higher Performance!

Welcome!  This is an inclusive, free community for working mothers in revenue growth positions, sales professionals considering becoming a mother, and our male allies in the industry.  This community is here to inspire greatness in motherhood, life and career.  We help you work through challenges that you may be coming up against as you integrate work and life.  

As the founder, I want to help you elevate your experience of working motherhood and lead your experience in both your career and personal life that are in alignment with what you really want.  I totally understand the rat race of juggling quota, leading sales teams, and selling during a recession after spending 18+ years of my career in healthcare IT and cybersecurity sales.

My hope is that this community is where you find your next mentor, next hire, next job, and a group of supportive women to help you in your journey!  The road selling in male-dominated industries can be lonely but we're here for you, your experience can be so much better with our community!

 Cheers To Your Success, 

Amy Looper, Founder


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