Only 39% of employees feel that current policies and programs designed to support working parents are effective in preventing burnout.

Every employee you do not retain costs you 15% of their total salary!


Amy Looper, Founder & CEO developed this maternal mental well-being training program for corporate leaders and 12-week leadership development training for working mothers to reduce costly turnover, improve employee performance and create an inclusive culture for working women and mothers. 
Amy's own experience having children as an award-winning corporate sales executive with Fortune 500 cybersecurity and healthcare SAAS companies led to her development of this program.   Leadership and emotional intelligence growth was the key component to overcoming her experience of postpartum depression, and overwhelm, creating connection and clarity in her life as a high-achieving, working mother.
You may review the program curriculum outline below.

Maternal Mental Health Training & Leadership Development For Working Mothers

Curriculum Outline:

(45-minute sessions)

Day 1   Maternal Mental Health Conditions In The Workplace

          (Baby blues, postpartum depression, anxiety & psychosis)

Day 2  Creating An Inclusive Culture For Working Parents

Day 3  Re-Onboarding Working Mothers When Returning To Work

Day 4  Reduce Employee Attrition Through Leadership Training

Day 5  Supporting An Employee Experiencing Trauma (Infant Loss, Birthing Trauma, PTSD)

Leadership Development For Working Mothers

Curriculum Outline:

(45-minute sessions)

Week 1   The Motherhood Identity Crisis: How To Find Your Purpose

Week 2  Becoming A Mother Is A Cause For Reflection On A Way Of Being

Week 3  Let's Establish Your Motherhood Vision: Career, Family & Beyond

Week 4  Time Management Tips To Avoid Burnout

Week 5  Unlock The Keys To Freedom, You Are Worth It

Week 6  Leading Difficult Conversations Without Losing Your Authority

Week 7  The Beauty of Feedback

Week 8  Win Everytime: Eliminate Career & Money Scarcity

Week 9  The Power Of The Present Moment & Active Listening

Week 10  4th Trimester: Unpredictable Events In Sleep, Marriage, Breastfeeding & Birth Recovery

Week 11  Overcoming 3rd Party Validation

Week 12  Finding Harmony In Career, Motherhood and Personal Relationships (Led by Dr. Shoshana Bennett)

Create An Inclusive High Performing Culture that Values Healthy Working Moms


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