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How To Set Boundaries Without The Guilt!

Feb 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered why you’re so exhausted at the end of the day and you still have things on your to-do list to accomplish? Do you feel like you can never get ahead at work and at home, always responding to everyone’s requests from you?

“Oh, Mom…..”

You hear those two little works and just cringe because you’re so tired of everyone always asking what they need from you. 

Exhausting right?

“Well, you know what, the truth is that this can be a FATAL problem for the high-achieving working Mom!”

If you don’t know how to stop bending over backward to keep everyone in your life happy then you will burn out.

If you are not clearly communicating your needs, everyone else will naturally assume you are available to them.

If you experience major FOMO when not participating in every work event, afterschool event, or being the go-to parent, you run the risk of burnout as you cannot be everywhere, all at once, and at the same time.

The secret to the working Mom game is in your leadership skills: Your ability to create boundaries!

So imagine if you were authentic with yourself and knew exactly the kind of experience you wanted to have in your own life. What if you believed that you were worthy enough to have your needs met, just like everyone else in life?

Would that make it easier to communicate your needs with other people? 

Would your spouse, kids, boss, colleagues, and friends be able to understand you easier? 

Would you show up more confident and reduce the distractions that are holding you back from fully accomplishing things each day?

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Here are the top boundary-setting tips revealed this week during our Mama Monday Mothers In Sales meet-up:

  1. Give yourself permission to have your own needs met, choosing against any feelings of guilt that may come up when establishing a boundary.
  2. Lead with your vision of what you want your experience to look like.
  3. Prioritize your personal values when creating boundaries to operate with integrity.
  4. Be assertive and compassionate when communicating boundaries.
  5. Be consistent in adhering to your own boundaries and enforcing them. Congruency shows your commitment.

Watch the full Mama Monday replay here where we talk about how to create boundaries as a working parent at work and at home:

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